Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Rotten Photo-Negative Mickey is a mysterious mouse being known to roam the island at night.


Rotten Photo-Negative Mickey appears to be the same as the Photo-Negative Mickey from The End of Disney version 1, as he is very dusty, with spikes coming out of his head, torso, left arm, right leg, a wide smile, a missing ear, and missing buttons on his shorts. The only difference is that instead of the spikes being bloody, the spikes are all rusty, he has one glowing eye, he has a crooked ear, and he has cracks all around his body.


It is said to roam around at night walking twoards a room that has a person inside, while moving he frequently speaks in a voice with a echo.


"I want to see your head come off..."

"*slight chuckling*"


  • He stands 4'9"
  • Like the original version of Photo-Negative Mickey, he has good hearing, his sight isn't good however