Rotten Photo-Negative Mickey is a rotten version of Photo-Negative Mickey. Rotten Photo-Negative Mickey is a fan-made and a hidden antagonist in : Abandoned Discovery Island He is a very dangerous suit that is very aggressive suit that moves very fast.

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Rotten Photo-Negative Mickey appears to be the same as The End of Disney Version 1's Photo-Negative Mickey, but he has only one glowing eye. He is also a bit deformed and/or melted. And he appears to have a wide smile and he has several spikes around his body and he's missing his shoe just like Rotten Suicide Mouse , his eye sockets are unnaturally widened unlike MickMick and his ears look melted and he slightly looks darkened and he has a rip on his chest and rips on his ear and he's missing a glove and he looks generally hellish.

Appearance (Unused)

He looks like the strong resemblance to Photo-Negative Mickey , except he looks withered and he has a spike on his left arm and he lacks his eyes and his eyes look a bit widened almost like MickMick. He has his jaw a bit stretched out , so that means he has a weird smile and his body is made of dry stone and his skin is a little somehow sewed into his face and he still has his inverted shorts and his shoes but it's not dirty , it's still the same and he looks generally demonic in his rotten state.


  • "Wanna see your head come off?"
  • "Hey......."
  • "You know what they did to us........"
  • "Hey!"
  • "You left us here to rot!"
  • "You took our lives away from us... and now you're going to pay!"


He will start in the Mascots Room, he will wander around until he gets into the office, when he gets into the office, turn on the audio to get rid of him , If you don't he will end up killing you. (The audio is at the Theater , A.K.A , the Performance Room)

Behavior (Revamped)

He will activate in Night 1 and have half of a chance of replacing Photo-Negative Mickey or going alongside him. He will start in the Character Prep 1 , then he will take his complete path to the office , he will wander everywhere around the Island before appearing inside the Office , the player must shut off a camera to fend him off , If delaying to do that will make him jumpscare the player.


  • He gets mistaken for Sans sometimes (There was no joke/inspiration of him though.)
  • He has a huge hole on where his tail was
  • He will appear in OswaldFan001's project "The Abandoned Building in the Island."
  • He is voiced by the creator of the game.
  • His jumpscare will be very unexpected.
  • His voice is very obnoxious and very distorted and very echoed.
  • He has a half of a chance of replacing Photo-Negative Mickey or going alongside him.



Rotten PN Mickey's Unexpected Jumpscare.


Rotten PN Mickey's Full Body

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