Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Sacrificial Grounds is a fan-made location in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Sacrificial Grounds is a large square room that is almost entirely empty. The room has walls made of peeling stone, and the floor is made of metal and rusted. The room is very dark, besides the large spotlight in the center of the room. The room also has three spikes with impaled Mickey mascot heads on them. The floor is littered with Mickey heads, and three headless Mickey suits. In front of the spikes is a pentagram.


Blotmare Face

  • This location was made specifically for this character, as he has three stages before appearing in the office.
    • Stage 1: Blotmare Face is seen laying on the ground, directly in the middle of the pentagram on the floor.
    • Stage 2: Blotmare Face is now sitting up, but he is not looking at the camera.
    • Stage 3: Blotmare Face is now staring at the camera.