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Sandy Cheeks is a headless suit who is an antagonist in Five Nights at Nick's.


Sandy looks similar to her original 3D counterpart from most of the SpongeBob games. except that she is headless and sill has her helmet witch has blood splatters all over it. Her body is fin and flat. Also, she also has her karate glove in her right hand.

In her old design, she is still headless and sill has her helmet witch has blood stains all over it and is foggy looking when it is meant to be transparent. Her body is fin and flat and she does not appear to have her karate glove.


Sandy starts on Night 1, she has a very different behavior then the other suits. She stays in the Scraps Room that has a music box playing Texas music. If the player does not wind back up the music box when Patrick is winding it down. She will soon wake up and will head strait to the office.

Slow motion of sandy jumpscaring the player

When she is in the your office, she will make a distorted noise and will be in the office for a few seconds and then will jumpscare the player.


Sandy stays in one place in the Scraps Room and will teleport to the office whenever she wakes up.


  • Sandy is the only female character in the game.