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"Make sure you leave your fan on, you don't want to overheat and start imagining things right? Things from your past?"

- Unknown Caller (Mentioning the Scorched Suits)

Scorched Suicide Mouse is an antagonist in "Treasure Island: Mouse-Napped".

Extra Information

The "Scorched Suits" are characters that don't appear as killing machines, only as hallucinations after turning your fan off for too long.


Scorched Suicide Mouse resembles himself from FNaTI, except he is badly burned, with glowing eyes, and orange pupils.


Scorched Suicide Mouse (as well as the other Scorched Suits) will appear in the Office when the player begins to hallucinate from overheating. The Scorched Suits cause the player's vision to fade, preventing them from seeing, and attempt to lure the Experiment Suits closer to the player.

When appearing in the Office, Scorched Suicide Mouse will say a line, and then play his music, causing some of the Experiment Suits to move to the office quicker. Scorched Suicide Mouse (as well as the other Scorched Suits) can be gotten rid of by flipping up the camera monitor.


Transcript Audio Plays When...
"I have seen true despair."


Appearing in the Office