Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Scourage is a antagonist in A:DI V3.


He is a Normal Mickey costume, with empty eye sockets that surround dirty spikes, and many sets of sharp teeth.


He appears in his own night named "SCOURAGE-KNOWN NIGHT". He can appear in all CAMs that Dark Oswald enters, expect when he is in the Meat Freezer, he runs into the office. He will jumpscare the player after running into the office. His jumpscare consist of him staring at the player, turning into a corrupted version of him. In his night, the power is off but you can use the cameras.


  • He might turn the power off in the night. More info in Behaivor.
  • He might also appear in Night 6.
  • After attacking the player, the screen blacks out. After 5 seconds, a screen showing God, a text being "SCOURAGE", Dark Oswald, The Face, And a right-eyed Photo Negative Mickey head flashing at the player's face for 30 seconds with a loud garble. The flashes might be a secret animation.