The Scraps room is a place were scraped stuff is, sandy appears in this area along with the music box and a power box.


The room consist of wooden walls a tiled ceiling with a stone concrete floor.

There are 3 crates in the room, a green pipe from the slime machine is behind the crate. Sandy is behind the crate on the right wall. A vent part is behind a crate next to the one in front of the green pipe.

There are 3 posters in the room, a black and white one is behind sandy's helmet and a poster is next to a crate at the right wall. A poster of spongebob is at the back wall.


  • A music box and a power box are in this room but not seen, this is likely a error by torrent1703 but the music box happens to be behind the crate next to the green pipe and the power box is behind the vent part.
    • This is identified by Patrick going behind the crate and leaning up and down assuming as he if was tampering with the music box.
    • This is identified by Squidward Suicide going behind the crate next to the crate in front of the green pipe and looking down.



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