Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Sea Serpent

Sea Serpent.jpg


Sea Serpent First becomes active on Night 2. His starting location is Watch Deck he then moves to Passage A - Midpoint 1 - Passage C - Passage D - Dock A - Passage E - Slide 1 - Slide 2 - Slide 3 - Loop A - Slide 4 - Office.


To stop the Serpent from getting in your office you must switch the Water flow before he reaches Slide 4. Not only do you need to keep an eye on his Location but you also need to reboot the Point Switch system before he reaches your location.


  • Sea Serpent Is the last character In the roster list. not just that but also I created him for the soul purpose to fill the shoes of a Vent Crawler enemy, I needed one to balance regular land walker monsters so you could have an enemy you needed to watch at all times.
  • Sea Serpent was also created to be a part of the Submechanophobia genre. I also wanted a water type to give some verity from just a regular Spring trap like enemy but a creepier enemy who gives a spine chilling feeling.
  • Sea Serpent was picked as an exotic choice because I knew no one would pick him for a Five Nights At Treasure Island game but also because of his uniqueness.