Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"Security PNM is one of the antagonist on ADI""


His appearance is that PNM but his eye and tongue are missing. He is seen holding an meat cleaver.

Remade Appearance By PlushTube678

He Looks Like Photo-Negative Mickey But He's Completely Eyeless, And He's Holding A Meat Cleaver


He will sleeping on meat freezer, it has 5 phase before reaching on your office. Once he's on your office, you're hopeless. You much zap him by using button "ZAP" on CAM2. Note:he can zapped on his any phase, however the zap has a cooldown about 8 seconds(or 12 seconds if "Longer Cooldown" is activated in Extra).


He has no quote.


  • Meat Freezer(Phase 1 to Phase 5)
  • Office(You're dead if he's on your office)


  • He is inspired from Security Animatronics on Fredbears and Friends:Left to rot.
  • His meat cleaver is actually from Fallout.
  • The reason why he's on meat freezer is currently unknown.
  • His real name is "Mike" on Custom Night.


Security PNM Remade by Plushtube

Promo Remade by Plushtube