Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"Shade MickMick is one of the antagonist and a different version of Shade MickMick that appear on Night 7 and Night 8."


His appearance resembling MickMick but he almost lose his facial features and has 2 Big Bloodshot Eye.


He only appear on Night 7 and Night 8, he can seen only when the power is off. He can seen without even enabling your flashlight. When you see him you must look at him until he blinks. If he blinks he will vanish for a while.


(Note he has different quotes on Night 7 and Night 8)

  • "Your soul is slowly tearing apart in my perspective."
  • "Suicide is only your option."
  • "You will vanish like a wind."
  • "Nobody will save you on this place."
  • "Cry as much you like, nobody will help you."


  • Office.



  • His shade on Night 7 and Night 8 is based on this https://geosheas-lost-episodes.fandom.com/wiki/SpongeBob_Bootleg_Episode?so=search
  • Two of the quotes also referencing the 5 inviduals fate in the same creepypasta.
  • Originally his behaviour you must flash at him with flashlight but the creator think it was too "overused" so the creator change it's mind.
  • Pre V 1.0.0 he would appear on the center of the office, now it appear on the very right of your office.
  • His mechanic is also based on the image description that appear on the same creepypasta.
  • He has new design on upcoming V 1.0.1, his new appearance is designed by MinionPapoy.