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Shade Mickey is a hidden easter egg in Abandoned: Discovery Island


He looks like shade PNM, but his colors are normal.


He starts in Janitor's Closet, then moves to Bathrooms, then to Meat Freezer and enter your office. You need to hide under the desk to stop him. Failing to do so will result in a jumpscare.

When the power is off, he has chance that he will replace Shade Photo-Negative Mickey. Once he is in your office, bright up your flashlight to scare him. Delaying or negleting to do so will result in a jumpscare.


  • His appearance is similar to Shade Photo-Negative Mickey.
  • Unlike other easter eggs, he doesn't crash player's game. He behaves like normal suits.
  • He doesn't talk at all.
  • The reason why shutting off camera won't work on him because he is deaf.