Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"Shade Olaf is a fan made Shade variant that appear only on Night 7 and Night 8 in A:DI"


He had same appearance as Olaf except that all of his skin are colored in black and he wear a blue mask that doesn't have a mouth and it's "Eye" have a ink like tear.


He only active on Night 7 and Night 8 and only appear when the Power is off. When you see him on the Office you must not using the flashlight or you're killed by him and he will vanish himself after a while. Hiding on your desk doesn't work on him.


(Note:Like Shade MickMick he has different quote on Night 7 and Night 8)

  • "Running away is a silly way to escape this island"
  • "You're not supposed to enter this island"
  • "You break the rules did you?"
  • "I don't like your Flashlight"
  • "*Laughter*"
  • "I belong here but you don't belong here"


  • Office.


  • His shade is based on "Eyeless Jack"
  • It's unknown why he doesn't like your Flashlight.
  • His 2nd quote is based on the real life Discovery Island Law, if you enter the island you may get arrested in place.
  • For some reason the Developer post a image of him in Character Prep 2 despite he only appear when the power is off.
  • His screech is same as "Revenge Photo Negative Minnie" screech on FNATI:The Revenge.