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"eid ot esproc ruoy fo tser eht evael dna lluks ruoy tuo raet lliw I" -Shade Stopwatch (night: H E L L)


his promo

shade stopwatch looks significantly different than most shades as Instead of being based off of a creepypasta. Stopwatch's shade is based off the symbol for symmetry. He has a very wounded head with 3 red eyes (the same eyes are found in his chest/stomach cavity where his stopwatch used to be. He also has 6 arms


due to him being a shade he only activates when the power is out. He acts as a penalty for when your frequently hiding as when you hide too many times he will kill you


  • this is an accurate representation of what stopwatch's shade looks like
  • despite this page looking rushed it ironically took 2 days to make