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Shadow Hourglass is an antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island.


Shadow Hourglass is a purple Hourglass with white eyes, for he was created to do something, but what exactly? Could he be friends with Purpleglass, is he even real, who knows? He's a mysterious creature.


Shadow Hourglass is nowhere to be seen on the cameras, making him invisible to the cameras. If he is seen in your office, shut off the cameras to send him back into the darkness, failing to do so will cause him to jumpscare resulting in a game over.


  • Originally, he was only added as a photo by Skskssjsus, till NowDoYourHomieShake came up with the idea to make a page for him, but he is going to own Shadow Hourglass because he is what appears to be based off Purpleglass, not just Shadow Freddy from FNAF.
  • His behavior is based off Nightmare Fredbear and Nightmare's behavior from the Ultimate Custom Night from FNAF 6.
  • He could be actually friends with Purpleglass.
  • Compared to him and Purpleglass, they are both different.
  • Shadow Hourglass is simply NowDoYourHomieShake's Purpleglass but edited with MS Paint to add the white eyes.