Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Shadow Photo Negative Mickey (Or Shadow Pennie for short) is a Mickey toon who resembles RWQFSFASXC. His Eyes and Mouth Glow a bright white while the rest of him is pitch black. He also has no shadow as he is one himself


He starts on the Roof in night 4, Then proceeds to enter the Staff area then the Meat Freezer lastly he Enters the Office. You must Pull up the Monitor for a second then pull it back down. He'll kill you otherwise.


When moving he will randomly say the following

"I am here now..."

"There's another..."

"Your still here..."

"You cannot run..."

(When in the Office) "Your days are numbered..."


  1. He's from another Dimension.
  2. He's connected with Technicolor.
  3. The reason he's fended off with Pulling up the Monitor for a second is the same with Golden Freddy. However he tries to resist it.