Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Shester is a new humanoid in Abandoned: Discovery Island V3.


She takes the appearance of a purple trophy of a possessed looking girl.


She becomes active on the Pirate Caverns. She appears in the first 8 rooms but she doesn't appear then until the 3rd floor. In the 3rd floor, when encountering her the player must press the keys "B, A, C, K" repeatedly until you are back into the 1st floor. She will then move into the 4rd floor. If the player gets caught by The Face, she will rush in and take him into the 4rd floor then she goes to floor 3 on the 2nd room. The player have to go carefully into the 5th floor without being found by the face. She will then teleport to the player's back and jake looks at her. She will then say:

"So, I am Shester."

"The Pirate Caverns."

"The activity you are doing."

"I caught the face and hanged him in the 4th floor."

"He is not gonna climb out."

"So. Go, Jake."

Then Jake says:

"Ok, Shester."

"It's right. I am surviving the Pirate Caverns."

"I'll go."

Then he rushes into the 1st floor and tells Undying that he met Shester.

If the player is defended by Shester, she will be active on Night 7. When the player defends again, Slester, Ghester, and PN Slester will become active at 3 AM.


  • She helps the player in bad situations, she especially throws Suffering out.
  • Suffering might kill her. But fails.
  • She throws Suffering and all suits that make Jake suffer out of the island.
    • She never jumpscares the player during Night 7. She DOES this to the suits in Pirate Caverns.
  • Her model was made in Sculptris.