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Showtime Oswald (or Edward) is an antagonist in ADI


He is an older suit of Oswald. He is inked, his face is missing, revealing his skeleton half endo face with red pupils. His right arms is missing replaced with wires. His legs, feets are torn apart, his right feet is replaced by skeleton half endo feet.


He starts in Part and Service, then he will go to Staff Area, Lounge and Office. Shut down the power to get rid of him.


The Oswald Toon half Animatronic was used for Mickey's Pizza. A employee name Madison sneaked into the pizza then rip the Toons half Animatronics apart. Then stole the pizza recipe. The employees decide to move them to Minnie's Neon Light Show due of old age and ripped apart. The Toons half Animatronic was possessed by the 18 kids missing at Mickey's Pizza. These kids include:

  1. Photo Negative Mickey: Jason
  2. Donald: Liam
  3. Oswald: Edward
  4. The Face: Thomas
  5. Suicide Mouse: Joey
  6. Ortensia: Susie
  7. Goofy/Acepahlous: Matthew
  8. Photo Negative Minnie: Charlotte
  9. Daisy Duck: Vannesa
  10. Undying: William
  11. MickMick: Richard
  12. MOTHER: C͇̤͍̣͍̎̓ͫͬ͠a̴̘̤̤͚̟̼̹̽ͣ́s͉͍̮̤̒ͦ́̈͠ṣ̯̳̬͓̈͟ĭ̸̯̪̖̫̹̘̗ͥ̋d̵̟̤̳̣̝̋̀y̡̰̝̝̩̙͐͆̐̓
  13. Willie: Michael
  14. Pete: Daniel
  15. Pluto: Jeremy
  16. Impurity: Emma
  17. Hourglass: Henry
  18. Slester: Greg


  • His name when alive was Edward.
  • He was replaced by Ozzy The Magical Rabbit.
  • His design seem to be based off Withered Bonnie from FNaF 2.


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