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He is a antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island 2.0 and they are all sisters louds in a tornado.


Specifically, its appearance is simply a tornado that shows the heads of lori, leni, luna, luan, lynn, lola, lana, lucy, lisa, lily as in the episode Heavy Meddle


They will start in Storage Room but it will not get sluggish in the camera, however after it will be seen when it starts to leave wind in the camera it will be activated. When the tornado has finished completing 100%, it will quickly go to your office entering the Staff Area and the Meat Freezer. When you have entered your office will start to be very windy and a lot of noise however there is no way to leave, but stay in your office for at least 1 minute. She will not kill you but causes others to enter your office to kill you.


  • They are one of the characters that contains other enemies the other would be Acephalous.
  • Curiously, when they are in your office they sing the song it's a small world.
  • They, instead of making distorted noises, are talking about things about boys.
  • It is one of the biggest characters in the game, others would be Magrolo mouse and Nightmackey.

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