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(this is just a stupid idea i had in mind please take it as a joke)

Skinny Minnie is an Easter egg replacing Impure Mouse in a skinny appearance


Skinny Minnie has an appearance of Impure Mouse but skinny, I don't know how this happened by still...

She starts on Night 3 in the Character Prep 1 room (Or as I like to call it "The Mascots Only Room")

When she moves she will say these quotes:

  • "What has science done to me?"
  • "I need my form back"
  • "2SKINNY4ME"
  • "I don't deserve this pain and existence"

Skinny Minnie's remake by Michael255 (Gave credit)

Skinny Minnie's full appearance


Skinny Minnie acts similar to Impure Mouse and Photo Negative Minnie but instead of hanging in Character Prep 1, she just appears as a head, and when she is there in the room, the player must turn off one of the cameras or else Impure Mouse's jumpscare will appear..