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Hey! Zombiker owns this page, Just so you know. <tabber>Info= Slime's mutation it is a mutation of people in a green radioactive liquid and one of the main antagonists of FNAN.


Their appearances are a kind of convincing creatures several people of nicklodeon study and some of their parts are deformed as the mutated slime absorbs a person, absorbs his soul and deforms his appearance but as the slimes have several people in his body these they are completely deformed rare and unrecognizable.


Slime mutated 1 starts in the slime room and then moves to your office and when it is in the ventilation B1 will have to look in your office a heart full of slime will have 20 seconds to find it and when you find the slime mutated will go to the Slime room if it is not found in time will be attacked and lost.

Slime mutated 2 starts in closet 02 and will be moving up your office before it reaches your door you have to close it because if you do not close it will be attacked by the mutation won a game over.

Slime mutated 3 starts in the bathroom and will be moving to your office when you are at the door you have to activate the same song with slime stimpy happy happy joy joy in suit room if you do not do this the slime attack losing.

Slime mutated 4 starts in your office when you see that the slime is covering your view you have to play the following keys (cmd s) put this on your keyboard the slime will leave you alone but will stay there still if you do not put cmd s in your keyboard will attack you obtaining a game over.


[Slime room ➝ Hallway A2 ➝ Hallway A4 ➝ Vent B2 ➝ Vent B1 ➝ office]

[Closet 02 ➝ Hallway B2 ➝ Lobby ➝ Hallway B1 ➝ Office]

[Bathroom ➝ Hallway A1 ➝ Hallway A4 ➝ Lobby ➝ Hallway B1 ➝ Office]


  • slime mutation has its own game over as well as some characters and interestingly it can also get you out of the game but it will not erase your files.
  • Slime mutation was created by the slime monster and is the reason why the slime monster looks like a skeleton.
  • When he moves he does not speak but he makes noises when walking to alert you that he is good for you but the sounds are very low so you can not hear them easily.
  • Slime mutated is the only character that has to attack you produces several cries at the same time to kill you.
  • He is one of the quickest characters in the game and that's because like Monstru de slime they want to eat you alive or dead.
  • One of the mutations of slime produces habeses a sound like of a vacuum cleaner but this only passes very little because it would not have any sense that it did it.
  • Curiously, the mutation of slime will appear at night 3 in front of his desk in fact is the same slime that appears at the beginning of the night 6 in the office.

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