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The Slime Room, also known as Storage Room is a room in Five Nights at Nick's.


The slime room is an old looking room with many props.

There are 5 crates in this room and 2 mini crates.

There is a big machine known as the slime machine. There is a cylinder looking white tank with a circular orange cover on the top. There is also a green bottom tank that connects two darker green pipes to a big glass sphere shaped tank fulled halfway of slime. A pipe is connected to that sphere tank that leads to a white flat piece with a orange long stud on it.

There is a big slime puddle next to the slime machine.

A vent is at the top of the ceiling with a vent cover on the right of it. There is also some slime covered on it and also covered on the right side a bit.

There is a splatter on the wall and a wooden board laying on the crates.


  • This is at least the only room to consist the most appearance of slime, despite it's location name.
  • It is unknown of what the vent on the ceiling could lead to, but is only there for aesthetic purposes and has no existing location on the monitor.
    • This has the similarity to Vent A1 with the odd vent cover that leads into nowhere.
  • Occasionally Squidward might enter this room if the player lures him in there.
  • This room might be the most creepiest of them all since it hides many secrets.
  • One time there must of had another green pipe connected to it since the green pipe is located in the Scraps Room.




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