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He retains his appearance of the series except that he is stained with slime all over his body even though some parts of his body are not stained with slime, but in itself he is not deformed broken or with an abnormal appearance.


He starts in Suits room under the table where he is sitting sponge squarepants or spongebob slimepants, then he will move to Hallway B2 then he will move to the ventilations first to Vent A1 then to Vent A2 and finally the office, when he is in Vent A1 will go very fast for you before entering the office will have to play the song (Happy Happy Joy Joy) in Suits room, when you play the song stimpy will return running to suits room to dance but you can not see him dancing due to the camera turning off in what ends up dancing, if the song is not played, stimpy will enter the office and kill the player losing the game.

When moving, he speaks one of these quotes:

"let's have fun together..."

"we need you..."

"Poor suits could not catch you and they pawed the consequences..."

"finally we can eat fresh meat..."


Slime Stimpy start in the suits room and will make route to.

Suits room ➝ Hallway B2 ➝ Vent A! ➝ Vent A2 ➝ office.

or this route

Suits room ➝ Hallway B2 ➝ Lobby ➝ Hallway B1 ➝ Office.


  • Curiously, although I do not know at night 5, you will see him in the previous nights lying under the suits room table where he is sitting spongebob.
  • He would have the gameplay to turn off a camera but I wanted to change it so that it would not be as repetitive as to turn off the camera as in five night at treasure island.
  • Originally in each camera except the ventilations was going to take 25 seconds but now it was changed to 12 seconds so that the character is not so slow.
  • Two of their dialogues were changed because they were like those of old po of five night at tubbyland which are "Where'd everyone go?" and "Hello."
  • The happy happy joy joy song was from an episode of ren and stimpy, but it was used here for the gameplay of slime stimpy.

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