Smile Pluto is an Easter egg in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He looks similar to Pluto except he has a more darker skin than normal. He also have demonic eyes and a demonic smile.


Smile Pluto first appears at night 4. He rarely comes to the office. He's slightly more rarer than Pluto. When in the office, the player cannot pull up the monitor or hide. The player must shut off the power or he will crash your game. His rare chance of entering the office decrease when the power is off. The player must shine their flashlight a couple times to make him go away. The player cannot hide when he's in the office when the power is off.


He only appears in the office.


  • He's based off on the creepypasta "Smile dog"
  • He is a separate Pluto costume.
  • He causes dread and fear in those who look at him which explains why the player cannot hide or pull up the monitor when he's in the office.
  • His jumpscare noise appears to be a demonic growl.
  • He appears to be some sort of Demon suit.
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