He is a Hedgehog giving him this appearence.


He appears to be normal like his video game counterpart

Typing Sonic.Exe's name in the main menu will crash the game, automatically making the player exit the game. Reopening the game will replace Photo Negative Mickey with Sonic.EXE on the main menu. Entering his name on the main menu will open a cutscene of the Devil's Box arriving at Discovery Island. After 3 seconds, Sonic.EXE comes out, and then takes the player To Sonic The Hedgehog


In every camera, he appears to be floating, similar to how he is trying to capture Tails in the creepypasta.

In the Broadcasting Room, there is a computer on top of Suicide Mouse's TV, and will turn on and will play "Hill Act 1', and the computer has to be winded up on the camera in the Broadcasting Room. If it reaches zero, Sonic.EXE will become active and will come out of the computer, thus playing "Mind****ery, My Heaven"

When traveling around Discovery Island, he will say the following phrases:

  • Yea!
  • Speed Of Sound!
  • Sonic!"
  • Yush!
  • Let's Go!
  • Back Off Back Off! :(

He will be any questions the suits asks:

PNM: Wanna see my head come off?: No

Oswald: God? where are you God?: Not Here!

If you hear all his phrases in a Normal way, the player can no longer shut off any cameras. only shutting off the power will work. The power off means that Sonic is in Shade Mode.

If Sonic is talking in a Normal voice, there is a chance that he could make 3 clones of himself, confusing the player.


  • He is the second character to be in a Creepypasta and in A:DI, the first one​ being Jeff the Killer.
  • When he tells Oswald that he is Not Here, he is trying to make him Go Away.
  • His Normal is him with the Normal eyes without pupils and a dropped, open smile with no teeth, inspired by the Creepypasta "Happy Puppet Syndrome".
  • He is gonna be added to the game soon by someone else.
  • His jumpscare is usually a kill screen, similar to Golden Freddy from FNaF, but it's animated
  • The reason why he is in Discovery Island is because Mark Edwards, a retired SSA member, was told by a Disneyland worker to get rid the Devil's box, but Mark didn't listen. He was arrested and took into jail, and the same Disneyland worker threw it at the sea. Then the box arrived to Discovery Island, and Sonic.EXE started getting out of the box, making him more aggressively violent.
  • His screech is usually a demon's scream, but in hyper video game crash sound

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