Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"hey Jake... Logan here... Greg said that they found something and here's the bad news... when we (me, Greg and Lisa) were looking in the pirate caverns and we heard some scuffling on the 4th floor. We went down there thinking we found Henry, but guess what... We found something OTHER than Henry: some really burnt and mangled abomination lying down on the floor our flashlights suddenly broke when we entered the room so it's features were not too easy to see but Lisa did tell us 1 thing about it: it had multiple heads and they were coming off of this flesh like material so- *some voices say: "are you still here?"* uh what was that? *footsteps* uh... I heard something else *Door swinging open* OH GOD NOT LIKE THIS... *sprinting* OH SHI- *loud scream* *call ends*" Logan's first and last words


his promo

photo negative mickey and his pals are in quite a pickle as they are now a walking tombstone as this monstrosity is powered by the souls from the incident at the Stair Way, pnm is the hivemind as he is the 2nd most intelligent alongside face, Donald's head replaces pnm's right hand and suicide mouse has 2 parts of him attached to the characters: on Oswald's head and replaces pnm's right ear and Is the creature's tail. There also are blood stains on pnm's fingers and shoes and face's right eye is both pulled out and covered in blood


ST activates on night 5 and you can tell he is by a bar in the bottom right called "soul trap awareness" but I'll talk about that later. Soul trap actually enters the caverns elevator which makes an elevator ding noise to signify his presence then he'll enter the caverns entrance looking like he just exited the pirate caverns and about to sprint into the office, but once you hear loud footsteps do what you would do with Blank Mickey: don't do anything as it increases the "soul trap awareness" meter and once it's fully filled he will kill you


when he enters the office

Stinger jump.ogg (1st variant of him entering the office)

Stinger jump2.ogg (2nd variant)

Stinger jump3.ogg (3rd variant)

Stinger jump4.ogg (4th variant)

Stinger3 1.ogg (final variant)


Running2.ogg (the sound of him sprinting into the office)

Scream 6.ogg (his scream which is George The Eyesore's old screech)

his quotes (I don't have recording software soooo...)

  1. "are you still there?"
  2. "are you there?"
  3. "it's dark in here"
  4. "where'd everyone go?"
  5. "hello..."
  6. "is anyone there?"

beta sounds

Po vent escape.ogg (his original sound for when he sprinted into the office which is now reused for when he leaves the office)


  • he is now sunken wille's 3rd oc
  • he is very loosely based off of corruptus, The Amalgamation and soulcage from dormitabis