Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia
Spare props room v2.jpg

The spare props room is a fan made location in a version of abandoned discovery island, its where disney would grab a spare prop for the thing that got torn or broken they would go here and grab a spare one.


The spare props room is a big room with a few windows and a get a horse and cactus kid poster at the entrance theres a goofy costume on the floor with its head tilted to the ground, next to it is a mickey head with a tear in it and one of its eyes ripped off, a few miles away is a torn apart donald duck head.


Theres not alot of spare props in here maybe caused by the corrrupti incident that people threw the props out of the room and the other props ended up in different places but they forgot to throw the mickey and donald head and the goofy costume out from the room.