''Hey, uh, by the way, do you just think about Sparky...? Nevermind.'' -Jordan C.


Sparky is a animatronic type of dog, similiar to the ones in FNAF 4. He is based on the false rumor of "Sparky the Dog", which was a theory in FNAF, before being debunked.

He looks similiar to Nightmare Freddy, but with a dog appearance, and overalls. He is a easter egg in ADI:Remastered.


Due to him being an easter egg, he has thin chances to appear. But when he does, he will be standing in the middle, blocking the Discovery Island sign. Then the game crashes.


He looks like an animatronic dog, but very withered and red-rusty teeth on his metal jaw. Many of his ripped skin expose his endoskeleton. His eyes also are broken.

His chest is deformed with his overalls and skin clashing.

His overalls are melted.


  • Of course, a known fact, Sparky was a myth of FNAF, until debunked.
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