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"Hold It Right There"
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Spectre was an employee that was a worker from the Treasure Island resort, that was one of the Many victims of Jake's Madness. He was in the character prep 1, in a Mickey mouse suit, and Jake found him and Brutally Decapitated him with the knife from the Meat Freezer, and kept the body inside the Mickey mouse suit in the Same place. Now That Jake is back..... HE'S BACK TOO...


Spectre seems to be a Mickey mouse entity, that is completely grey with human teeth. His right hand is distorted, with claws instead of normal fingers. He doesn't have a tail and his face seems to be Eyeless, with distorted eye sockets. He has human teeth and a large smile. He's covered in Dust.


Spectre Appears only appears in "ReVeNgE" the name of his own Night. In this night he replaces everyone with himself being the only suit. He starts at 1AM. He starts in the Character Prep 1, hanging from the ceiling. Then he goes to the Staff area, then the Meat Freezer, the Bathroom and the Lounge. Then he will enter to the office. You have to shut off the power, otherwise hiding under the Desk or shut off a camera will not work on him at all.


Spectre's path through the Island is :

  • Character Prep 1
  • Meat Freezer
  • Bathroom
  • Lounge
  • The Office

Sometimes he talks :

  • "..DiE"
  • "YoU... aRe A..... mOnStEr"
  • "TiMe To DiE"


  • Spectre is a Mickey mouse suit, but mainly he's a revenge Spirit, because of the corrupted soul that is inside him.
  • Spectre's real name, when he was an employee is unknown.
  • He has his own Night, called "ReVeNgE".
  • In the office, his colors seem to be blue, that's because of the lighting of the office.


  • Spectre's Promo

    Spectre in Character Prep 1.

Spectre in the Office.