Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


SpiderMick looks like MickMick, exept it's a spider without ears and nose. Has 6 legs and 6 eyes.


After beating Night 3+ Pirate Caverns without dying, MickMick becomes really mad. So mad that he turned into a spider. On Night 4 he will be the only active character. He will appear at a random room in the beginning. He moves every 1 second. Really fast suit. It's also really hard to find him in the office. Even though, every time he's in the office he changes sides on the screen. You cannot hide under the desk if he is in, since he will instantly kill you if you do. You can only shut cameras off to get rid of him. The game closes after his jumpscare animation. The game also closes when you beat the night. On Night 5, he won't be active anymore.