Spongebob Slimepants or Slimebob for short is a more aggressive form of Spongebob SquarePants


Slimebob just looks similar to his 3D counterpart from many spongebob games, except that he has green slime stains all over his body, his pants are recolored green and his tie is recolored black as well as his blue and red stripes on his socks. His eyes are ripped of with human eyeballs inside his two sockets.


Slimebob replaces Spongebob on night 5 and is more aggressive he moves faster through areas.

He has the same role as Spongebob with the door mechanic. But he gained a new behavior as having the same role as Jimmy with the vent mechanic.

Slimebob could choose either these behaviors.


Slimebob will start in the Suits Room and will make his route to.

Suits room ➝ Hallway B2 ➝ Lobby ➝ Hallway B1 ➝ Office.

or this route

Suits room ➝ Hallway B2 ➝ Lobby ➝ Hallway A4 ➝ Vent B2 ➝ Vent B1 ➝ Office.


  • Slimebob is a slime form of spongebob witch is the same existing suit witch is why spongebob is replaced on night 5 the cause of this change is the Slime Machines.
  • His 2nd route is complety different that Spongebob SquarePants didn't took his own route



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