Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

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Spruce Tree Mickey or Picea(a genus of spruce) is a suit in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Spruce Mickey's hole body is made of spruce bark wood. He also has a very rough surface with splinters and chipped up wood.


Spruce Mickey will start on Night 1 and will make his way to the office. If he appears in the office the player must hide under the desk. If failing to do so the player will get jumpscared by him resulting in a game over.


Spruce Mickey will start in Character Prep 2 and will take his route to the office.

  • Staff Area
  • Storage Room(Sometimes)
  • Meat Freezer
  • The Office


  • Spruce mickey was originally made by Web125546
  • He was originally appear on the upcoming newest version of A:DI, then it was scrapped due MLP start to working A:DI 3.0
  • He starts in Character Prep 2 by entering from the window
    • This also means he comes from nature
  • He is similar to Bush Mickey
    • If they both combine they would make Tree mickey