Squidward Suicide is a easter egg in five nights at nick's who is based off the creepypasta squidward suicide


Squidward suicide looks like the original 3D squidward from many spongebob Games except that his body is faded a lot to the point he pretty much has grey colors. His eyes are ripped off with human eyeballs with in them and he also has a lot of blood stains all over his body.


Squidward Suicide will make his way to the office and attempt to kill the player. If he is at the door the player must do something different since his body is slim he is able to slide right under the door to the other side.

the player must play a audio sound in a room right next to the room he is in to lure him away. but the player must be careful at were he is in there are three power boxes that Squidward suicide would tamper with. Also plz note that sometimes luring him in others rooms takes a thew tries.

If the player dose not keep Squidward suicide away from the power boxes he will shut off the A/C switch system having the player unable to use the ventilation control system and soon will get killed by Jimmy Neutron

Or if the player does not lure him by the audio at all he will soon enter the office and kill the player.

Death Screen SQUID.png


Squidward suicide will start in the Film room and he will make his route to.

Film Room ➝ Hallway A2 ➝ Hallway A4 ➝ Lobby ➝ Hallway B1 ➝ Office.

Squidward also can enter these following rooms by being lured by audio:

  • Hallway A1
  • Hallway A3
  • Closet 01
  • TV Network Room

The locations squidward would bang his head on the power boxes are these rooms:

  • Closet 01
  • Hallway A3
  • Scraps Room


  • Squidward suicides behavior has the same behavior of Squidward but in a hole different strategy.
  • Squidward suicide is one off the only suits to consist human eyeballs. The others are Jimmy Neutron Squidy and Spongebob Slimepants.
    • Although his eyes are different looking then the others.
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