Squidward Tentacles is a armless suit who is an antagonist in Five Nights At Nick's.


Squidward looks similar the his 3D counterpart from most of the SpongeBob games, except that his body is fully saturated. His light brown shirt is darker and his rectangle pupils are now dark red to bright red color. His eyes are a very bright yellow to pure white color. He also lacks his arms similar to Oswald.


Squidward will make his way to the office and attempts to kill the player. If Squidward is at the door, the player must do something different since Squidward's body is slim which he is able to slide right under the door to the other side.

The player must play a audio sound in a room right next to the room he is in to lure him away. But the player must be careful at were Squidward is in a room, there are three power boxes that Squidward would bang his head on.

If the player does not keep Squidward away from the power boxes, he will shut off the power by damaging the system after that the player will soon be jumpscared by Mr. Krabs unless it reaches 6AM.

Or if the player does not lure him by the audio at all, he will soon enter the office and jumpscare the player.

Squidward Jumpscare

Squidward jumpscaring the player


Squidward will start in Closet 01 and he will make his route to.

Closet 01 ➝ Hallway A1 ➝ Hallway A4 ➝ Lobby ➝ Hallway B1 ➝ Office.

Squidward also can enter these following rooms by being lured by audio:

  • Hallway A2
  • Hallway A3
  • Scraps room
  • TV Network Room

The locations that squidward would bang his head on the power boxes are these rooms:

  • Scraps room
  • Hallway A3
  • Hallway A1


  • Although Squidward is not a disney character but he is related to the mascot suit that is from Nickelodeon.
  • Squidward is the only suit to have the most places to go.
  • The Original Squidward Model was taken from the game SpongeBob Battle for Bikini Bottom.
    • The model is found Here.
  • Unlike Oswald, Squidward is meant to be armless rather being unfinished like Oswald as well as his textures are in wrong placement because of Oswald's arms.
  • Squidward's behavior is similar to Springtrap from Five Nights at Freddy's 3 because of him being lured by audio.
  • Squidward is like a real squid, since he can slide under the door like fitting in the smallest places.


Squidward's scream when he jumpscare's the player
Squidward Scream


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