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Hey buddy, it's Greg again, hey, there was this one room which we just put a camera in, hey, that room had a dark past you know, this place had an...Accident, where the glass panel of the Aquarium smashed, and everyone inside died sadly....even this guy inside a Mickey Mouse suit, i heard the water caused the suit to..fall apart a bit...but now the room is all rusted up, but Suits have been going in there for some reason, that should help you keep an eye on them! - Greg


The Stair Way (also known as CAM 12) is a location located , accessed and owns to Abandoned : Discovery Island 2.0. The Stair way is one of the rooms in Treasure Island, which was the way to the aquarium or that is the way in The Depths, but it was all rusted up due to a recent disaster.


The Stair Way is a rusted up room with scrapped off areas, with 2 hallways and a stair way connected to them both. The walls are all rusted, so as the stairs and etc. The Stair Way Is An Area that leads to the Depths. There is a wall that's dirty and the wall has an area that's teared off. And the other wall is dirty and rusty and there's a poser linked as 'CACTUS KID' the left end of the stair way area with a strapped warning line around the poster.

Appearing Characters

The suits or enemies that can appear inside the Stairway at seldom times or random intervals are Photo-Negative Mickey , Oswald , The Face , Suicide Mouse , Acephalous and '???' and most of the suits that can proceed to move along to the stair way , the other being The Inkblot that claims that this is his location because he's one of the enemies that start in the Depths befoere appearing inside the Stairway , the other being Rotten Suicide Mouse.

Starting Suits

Some of the suits can might not be able to start inside the Stairway because there's not any suit that first appears inside the Stair Way. Least Of The Suits can start inside the stair way that leads to the Depths , but that will have 10% or maybe a rare , seldom chance of some of the suits starting inside the Stairway.


  • Something unknown can very rarely appear in the Stair Way.
  • The Stair Way Is Rusted Over The Disastrous Day.
  • Some suits can have 5% or a rare chance of appearing inside The Stair Way.



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