Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Statue Oswald is a fan made Easter egg on Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He used to be an ordinary Oswald statue in a museum on the Island of different toons, however, he got vandalized during the events happening before the island was abandoned. He now got new looks from God and was brought to life by her. He now stalks those who come to the office and kills them, unless they look at him.


He appears to be a damaged, light brown colored Oswald statue with green eyes, no nose and his mouth. He's also missing his hands and his arms appear to be reaching out. He also appears to have no ears too.


He starts at night 1 in the Storage Room, but he only appears if you type in the code " 173" on the main menu. He doesn't replace his toon counterpart though. The player has to keep looking at him, if you don't look at him for too long, he will go into another room. If he's in the office, the player must stare at him until he goes away or he will kill you.


He starts at the Storage Room, then goes to Staff Area, Meat Freezer, Lounge, and then the office.


He's based on " Scp-173"

He's also suppose to represent Anart's confirming that Oswald's original shade was gonna be based on Scp-173

He's an easter egg character that has a backstory.