Stranger is a fan made antagonist of Abandoned: Discovery Island 


Stranger is a sepia mickey toon.He is a ghost from one of the Jake's victims.He's a regular mickey suit.But he contains black eyes,sepia gloves and shoes.Brown shorts.Light face skin and black skin.


He can be seen in any camera of the game,if you spot him,quickly put the camera down or he will jumpscare you,causing a blackout on the screen for some seconds,after that,the screen will turn back to normal


  • He is a variation of Suicide Mouse
  • When he's active,Suicide Mouse seems to have a strange behavior,becoming slower and his theme will become slower.
  • Stranger doesn't have a backstory at all,the only thing we currently know about him is that he is a spirit of Jake's victims
    • Which employee/victim Stranger represents is currently unknown.
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