Subwoofer nbd, Red eyes, Blue Eyes, Green Eyes,

Behavior: Fnati & Fnas & NBD & S NBD & UNN

In the Night Fnati & Fnas & NBD & Subwoofer NBD & UNN, She Actives at Act 5 in Subwoofer, IB Ortensia She Actives, IB Face and Nightmare Suicide Mouse are Actives Also, She kills You if You are in the Zone for 3 Seconds He Kill you, She Lie in Wait in Floor 2

Behavior: Free Ink-Blots Roam in Treasure Island

Red Eyes:

Is Easy to Survive, You need to Look Him for 10 Seconds and Go Away

Blue Eyes:

Leave The Zone, You need to Go another Zone (Example: If You Are in Meat Frezzer, You need to go to Lounge, Staff Area or Office)

Green Eyes:

Use Flashlight for 5 Seconds and Gone.

Behavior: Fnas 1

She start in Dining Room, Outside of te Cameras, Later, Spawn And She Moves Randomly, If the Eyes are Blue, She Moves East Hall and East Hall Corner, But is Green, She Moves to West Hall and West Hall Corner, in the Office, Shut off A Cam Or Power Delay of Ignore him She Kill You.

Behavior: Subwoofer NBD Pirates Mountain UCN

He Jumpscare you, But not Kill, You need To Press Voodoo to Quit and Make She Go Away, Pills in case of Jumpscare, While More, Better, But Not Take more of 50, Or you Die


Fnati: Five Nights at Treasure island

Fnas: Five Nights at Sonic

NBD: Nightmare before Disney

S NBD: Subwoofer Nightmare Before Disney

UNN: Ultimate Nintendo Night

Fnas 1: Five Nights at Sonic 1

UCN: Ultimate Custom Night



Red Eyes

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