Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Another hidden editon of Donald's Head has now wandered in but was never seen, but it comes at night.


Suicide Disembodied is actually Disembodied with B&W on his body. He has a long tear on the top of his head.


He doesn't appear on the cameras so he appears in the office. Shut off the lights to defend yourself or he will kill you.


▪He is actually Mighty Mouse's pet duck until he ran off while his owner was at work.

▪He flashes rare screens when he's in the office. The following are listed below:

▪The Face taking his head off.

▪the words "WAS IT ME?" are seen.

▪Mighty Mouse using his lightsaber to cut his leg off.

▪Shadow Hourglass with a knife and blood coming out of his eyes. And thats all.

▪In the remastered edition he used to appear on cameras.

▪In the 3.0 editon his picture came with his body.

▪When the player types in "THEY COME" they can easily die by him.

▪In the picture called "The SK Gang" Choked Mouse can be seen holding him.

▪He has a minigame called "SOME PEOPLE DONT COME BACK" referring to Shadow Hourglass's teaser. This could lead to the point he is connected to Shadow Hourglass as they both cant appear on cameras.

▪he has a quote called "YOU CAN DIE".