Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Suicide Jojo is an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He appears to be a Grayscale Jojo . He has no eyes. He also walks with his hands behind his back except in Meat Freezer and Office where one of his arms are outstretched.


He starts at Suicide Mod in the Suicide's Jail  When active, A distorted version of Jojo's 1930s Cartoon theme song will play. In character Prep 1, Disembodied will turn into a skull version of him while PN Mickey is gone and the poster is replace by Suicide Jojo's Face . When in the office, the player must shut off the camera or he will kill them. He also says things like "I'm sorry Joja" " " Joja please don't leave me..." " We all make mistakes...." " I got nobody...." " I don't deserve anybody" " The Pose  is not known"


He starts in Suicide's Jail He then goes to Character Prep 1, Staff Area, Meat Freezer, then the office.



  • He appears to be a parody of Suicide Mouse.
  • He is Suicide Mouse's Worse friend.
    • His quotes are based on when he made Joja leave him for causing so much trouble.
    • "The Pose is not known" Is a parody of Suicide Mouse's " Real Suffering is not known" quote.


  • This is Masno of BlackOtto's 1th character.
  • He is similar to Demon Jojo And DemonMare Jojo.