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Suicide MMD lana is a antagonist in abandoned discovery island 2.0 and he is a altern of MMD lana.


She is another character that is a suicide suit but she will have a different gameplay some suicide suits since you have to hide under a desk.


She looks like her alternate MMD loud wool except that she is black and white and she does not have her eyes, however she is a bit smaller than her counterpart.


She starts broadcasting but will not be seen until after leaving one of the televisions, then she will go to your office to kill you but she will take this route Characters prep 1, staff area and meat freezer. When you are in the meat freezer you will enter your office to kill you, you have to hide under the desk not to be killed by 'Suicide MMD wool' if you do not hide you will be attacked losing the party, however there may be a probability of 30 to 70% that lighting it away from you.

When moving. he speaks on of these quotes

You can not escape from me...

you are in a place of suffering...

It is possible that you are here for our souls...

My suffering you will feel it...


  • She is based on 'Suicide mouse' and also 'Suicide mario'
  • Her unused dialogues are two which that copied suicide mouse said are
    • '"Real suffering is not known"' and "I do not deserve this life"
  • Its original location was going to do in Janitor's closet but it was changed to broadcasting because it would not make sense to be in Janitor's closet and it had more logic than it was in broadcating.
  • She is one of the fastest characters since she takes about 15 seconds.
  • She is one of the few characters who are suicide since several are abandoned and nightmares.


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File:Suicide_lana_loud_in_meat_freezer.png|sucide lana loud in meat freezer