Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Suicide Minnie is an Easter egg in Abandoned: Discovery island.


She appears to be a grayscale version of the classic design of Minnie, but with no eyes similar to Suicide Mouse. She also appears to always appear to be hanged by a rope.


She starts at night 3 in the broadcast room if Suicide Mouse leaves. She first appears off camera, and then was seen hanging by a rope. She will then teleports to the office on the left still hanged by a rope. She has 2 phases. The first phase of her is looking down, and then the second phase of her that she looks at you. The player must hide when she does that, otherwise she will crash your game.


She starts at Broadcast room off camera, and appears then on camera, and then she teleports to the office.


  • Her original name was going to be "Hanging Minnie", But the creator does not like it and changed her name to Suicide Minnie.
  • She is pretty similar to Photo Negative Minnie both being an raster egg, she will first appear off camera and then seen on floating. But however, Suicide Minnie can be seen hanging by a rope instead of floating.
  • Her phase mechanic is similar to Dismantled Animatronics from FNAB2 when inside the office.
  • She has no role of the story as she is just for an interesting easter egg.