Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Suicide Showtime Mouse Looks Like Suicide Mouse But He Looks Like A Grayscale Showtime Mickey.


"I Was Abandoned By Disney..."

"Real Suffering Is Not Known..."

"Goodbye Cruel World..."

"I Don't Deserve This Life..."

"The Sight Of Hell Brings It's Viewers Back In..."

"I Just Wanna Die..."

"This Place Is A Suicide..."

"I Have Made Many Mistakes..."

"I Have Seen True Despair..."

"I Wish I Never Existed..."

"*light crying*"


Suicide Showtime Mouse Is From The FNaTI Fan-Game: "The Abandoned And Lost Ones."

He Has His Hands Tucked Behind His Back Like The Original Suicide Mouse.

Suicide Mouse's Theme Will Play When Suicide Showtime Mouse Is Active.

Sound Files

(Voice Act For Suicide Showtime Mouse?)