Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


This is my own 3d model its called custom suicide mouse.png

he is s grayscale mickey mouse toon he has grey shorts white shoes and gloves

and pitch black eyes he looks like suicide mouse but he is made from a diffrent model

BEHAVIOR he ativates on suicidal night where there are only suicidal toons he starts in the lounge then goes to the meat freezer then the office

The player must hide under the desk if not in 2 secs he will kill you.

FACTS/ triva

He already killed 30 gaurds. he can talk he is not depressed he can teleport so he can go in at any time icluding when the night starts he is not abandoned he just came out of a tv


how even was i created? i need to explore the real world who are you and why should i not kill you?