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Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Nightmare demo S.M. / Suicidemare mickey is a antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island 2.6


He looks like a normal toon, the only difference being his grunge and rust, along with his "Pie-Cut-Eyes green hat on top of his head"


He starts in the Storage Room, and then exits, and heads to the Staff Area, and then the Meat Freezer, goes to the lounge, and then goes to the office. He cannot kill the player, but instead, will break the camera. Rendering the player hopeless.


  • His appearance Similar to Acient mickey / Cartoon nightmare.
  • Doesn't speak at all.
  • He is the all toon suit character included in Custom Night and Infinite Night.
  • In the newer versions, he was removed due to new toon


Suicidemare Mickey promo .jpg

Suicidemare Mickey in Office