Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Contain A Box, Headless Mickey Suit, Minnie Head, A Hanging Hook, A Goofy Head, Green Wall, Blue Floor, Ortensia Eyeless Suit, Mickey Blank Eye Suit, A Hanging Classic Oswald Suit, Headless Minnie Suit, A Pete Golden Thropy, A Billy Which Right Eye Are Red Suit, A Hanging Lamp, And Cactus Kid Poster

Suit Who Can Here

  • Suicide Mouse (Can Changing Cactus Kid Poster)
    • Exception Theres Someone On Him
  • Acephalious
  • Spring Oswald
  • Big Cj(Can Make Everything Is Gta References)
  • Woody
  • Olaf
  • Donald Body
  • And Photo Negative Mickey And MICKY SNOUS


  • If You Press Pete Golden Trhopy, You'll Be Teleported In A Minigame(But Only Night 7 Yiu Can Click It)