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"Hey Jake! It's Lisa again! Hey, before we got onto the other things, i have to tell you something..There's...this Old rusted up building on the other side of the Island, and it is full of suits! We don't know if they are...Possessed or not, but we decided to call those suits the 'Abandoned' Suits, as they are all dusty and that. But anyways- *static*" -Lisa


The Suit Warehouse is where the Abandoned Suits are, which the room was a warehouse which stored spare suits in case one of the others broke or got torn, and the spare ones will be used while the broken ones get fixed.

The location of this Camera is not in Treasure Island, which is nearly opposite the Building, So when an Abandoned Mascot exits, they won't be seen, until they appear in the Entrance Room


The Suit Warehouse has hooks hanging from the ceiling, holding suits, such as the Normal Mickey Suit, Abandoned Photo Negative Mickey, Abandoned Photo Negative Minnie, and Abandoned Suicide Mouse.

The walls are all rusted, which have pictures of aSuicide Mouse Face, and a Normal Mickey Mouse mascot poster.

There are lamps hanging from the ceiling which keep the room lit up.

Active Suits


  • The Suits begin on Night 4 and on.
  • Rarely, Shade Suicide and Shade Mickey can appear in this room, once seen, they will Cause the Power to turn off, making them appear in the Office.
  • Once these suits are active, the original suits will be de-active throughout the rest of the night
  • The AI of these Suits make them more active.