Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

The suits room is a place were the employees go to dress up as the mascot suits one of them including spongebob.


The suits room has decorated walls art designed from nickelodeon studios on the left wall is designed with blue stripes and yellow circles. On the right is designed with green triangles with a orange background . The floor is grey with slime stains all over it.

There are shelves on the left of the wall on the bottom there is a fish suit from spongebob and a employee hat also from spongebob. There are shoes on the top shelf

Spongebob can be seen sitting on the table there is a patrick head on the table behind spongebob as well. there is a extra spongebob suit sitting right next to the box in the corner his appearance is normal except he appears to be wearing a mermaid man suit. As well gary is in this room he is behind the metal table.

There is a spongebob uniform hanging in the room as if this to fit a normal person size. A flat stimpy costume is laying under the table. There is another box in the right corner.


  • Although gary does not make a major part on gameplay and is only there for aesthetic purposes.
  • There is a unused design of the suits room.
  • Photo negative patrick is in this room but he is not present and appears in the right box wen active.
  • Although even thought this is the suits room there are not many suits in this room just spongebob and photo negative patrick and a clone of spongebob in a mermaid man suit the other suits are scattered across the building.
    • Patrick and squidward suicide are in the film room
    • Mr krabs is in the closet
    • Sandy cheeks is in the scraps room
      • Probably the reason why there not in the suits room is because before people left the place they gone mad and flew things in the wrong places and whatever cause the place to get covered and slime and got wrecked made them end up in the wrong places



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