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Supreme demon is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island 2.6.


He looks like an antique Mickey Mouse suit, he lost part of his left face and he has some deformations and his back is crossed. Too he looks like that haves some dots of dust and dirt, and small holes all over his body.


Supreme demon will start in the Sonis So, he teleport into Staff Area, fastly moves away when other suit enters. After some time, you'll see him standing up and staring to the camera. This is a warning that soon he will enter the Office.  When he does, fast as possible shut off two cameras. He only gives you 0.8 seconds to react after he jumpscares you, but don't worry. 0.8 seconds to turn off two camears is almost impossible, making the game rigged.


Supreme demon was an suit in Treasure Island, that was one of the many victims of Jake's Madness. He was in the Character Room 4, in a Mickey Mouse suit, and Jake found him and brutally decapitated him with the knife from the Meat Freezer, and kept the body inside the Mickey mouse suit in the Same place. Now that Jake is back. Kill god.


A battle scene from Super Mario RPG will occur, the textbox saying "??? attacked!" The player will only have 500 HP and 800 PP, as well as the following PSI abilities: Ice (Beta), Magnet (Alpha), Shield (Beta), and Lifeup (Alpha). After 100 attacks, the sequence ends. Jake retains the same PSI abilities from the sequence, with the addition of PSI Thunder (Beta) and removal of Lifeup (Alpha). PNM will have 127 HP, 90 PP, and the following abilities: Brainshock (Alpha), Lifeup (Gamma), Paralysis (Omega), and Magnet (Alpha).

Prior to any attacks, Supreme demon peaks through a dialogue box, whilst Giygas' theme plays in the background: "die" MeGaLoVania will then begin to play. It's best to keep as much PP and heal as much as possible, whilst trying to slow his attacks with the PSI abilities, albeit both characters having a very low amount of PP. As Supreme demon has 10,000,000,000,00 HP and a damage range of 127-250, the battle may take longer than expected. When defeated, more dialogue will show. (The screen fills with practically infinite "HAHAHAHAHA"s, then the game will crash. Once the player re-opens it, the battle starts over instead of heading to the title screen. Pure Mickey will say the following when this occurs: "Hm?|You're back?| . . . |Interesting.| You're quite a prized specimen, aren't you.")

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  • Tevenge Spirit, kill god.
  • He is basically a distorted version of MickMick.

In the newer versions, he was removed due to error.