Supreme Mickey

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Supreme Mickey is a fan made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He is similiar to Photo Negative Mickey but with red bleeding eyes.


Supreme Mickey is an obscure part of Photo Negative Mickey where he can change his skin color to black.


Supreme Mickey can control all the Mickey suits allowing them moving very fast and If the player shut off a camera Supreme Mickey will disappear and all the Mickey suits will stop moving fastely. He will start on Night 7 in Character Prep 1 after Photo Negative Mickey leaves the room but there's a little percentage that Supreme Mickey will appear. If Supreme Mickey disappears 3 times he will appear in the Office and tries to kill the player. The player must shut off the power for him to leave.


Supreme Mickey starts in Character Prep 1 after Photo Negative Mickey leaves the room and he will teleport in the Office after disappears 3 times.


  • When Supreme Mickey is in the Office his skin and clothes turns into black.
  • Supreme Mickey have similiar powers of Purity but he can control only all the Mickey suits.
  • Supreme Mickey can also disable the monitor when he is in the Office.
  • The only Mickey suit that he cannot control is True Mickey because he is a demon too.
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