Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Susie is a fan made antagonist on Abandoned: Discovery Island.


She appears to be a dead, little girl who wears a dress and wears a Mickey gasmask with a long, nozzle. She also has bloodstains on the mask and on her clothes.


Susie starts at night 4 in the Staff Area. She will first stare at you in the camera for a few seconds, then goes to Meat Freezer and do the same thing, then enters the office. Once she's in the office, the player must hide or she will admit a loud screech that will wake up all the Gascot characters and they will become active. She will then disappear with a giggle. While active, she will say things like " Hello?" " Want to play with me?", " I know where you're hiding" " Who are you?" and " Where is my mommy and daddy?" She will also giggle in the camera.


She starts in the Staff Area, then goes to Meat Freezer and then the office.


She might be connected to all the Gascots, but mostly Gascot.

She is a Gascot.

She's the only female Gascot so far.

She might be Gascot's little sister.