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T-posing Goofy is a Fanmade Character In Abandoned: Discovery Island.


T-posing Goofy looks like Normal Goofy, But his eyes are closed, And his ears and arms are T-posing.


Unlike Acephalous and Normal Goofy, He starts in Character Prep 2, Then he goes to the Staff Area, Then the Meat Freezer, And finally The Office, The Player must hide under the desk to make him go away.


  • The reason why you have to hide under the desk for him is because he cant see where he's going.
  • When he is in the Meat Freezer, Acephalous' head's ears will appear and they will T-pose.
  • While he is moving he will play the Halo theme.
  • He was created out of complete boredom
  • originally he was gonna have his eyes open, but the idea was scrapped because Atlestar was lazy while making this.
  • he was also meant to lack his ears, but they were kept because they were also T-posing